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Сценарій позакласного заняття «christmas party»

НазваСценарій позакласного заняття «christmas party»
Дата конвертації11.06.2013
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Dear guests and our students! We have gathered in this hall to celebrate a great holiday – Christmas.

Входит фея:

Jesus Christ

Merry boy child

On Christmas Day.

A man will live for ever more

Because of Christmas Day.

A man will live for ever more

Because of Christmas Day.

Merry boy child Jesus Christ

Was born on Christmas Day.


Up, low, hear the angels sing

A king was born today.

A man will live for ever more

Because of Christmas Day.

A man will live for ever more

Because of Christmas Day.

We hear up high singing a song,

The music comes from above.

^ Исполнение песни «Аве Мария»


Here are delegates from Great Britain and from our dear Ukraine. You know that every country has its traditions, especially in celebrating Christmas. Traditions play a very important role in people’s life. The British are proud of their traditions and have kept them up for hundreds of years. So let’s listen to our guests first and compare the celebration of this holiday in Ukraine and in Great Britain.

^ 5 человек – сидят за столом.

1й англичанин:

In our country Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. It is the greatest holiday in Britain. The British have many interesting Christmas traditions. Some of them came to England from ancient times; many of them became popular during Queen Victoria’s governing.

Sending cards is very much a part of a festival. The first Christmas cards appeared in Britain in 1843 created by an artist John Horsley. The cards have the words Merry Christmas and pictures of the birth of Christ, Santa Claus, a Christmas tree or scene of old-fashioned Christmas.

But why can one see a robin on Christmas cards?

Many years ago postmen had bright red coats. At Christmas they brought many Christmas cards. And people began to think about a robin as a Christmas bird.

^ Исполнение песни «Why do robins sing in December?»

2й англичанин:

People began to celebrate Christmas many, many years ago. They began to decorate evergreen trees.

Who decorated the first Christmas tree?

The custom of decorating an evergreen tree started in Germany. One legend says: Martin Luther noticed the starlit sky when he walked home on Christmas Eve. He thought the stars looked as if they were shining on the branches of the tree. He placed a little tree inside his house and decorated with lighted candles. Decorating Christmas trees became popular in Germany. In 1841 Prince Albert took the tradition to England. Since 1947 the citizens of Oslo regularly give the wonderful tree to the citizens of London. Immensely tall and brilliantly illuminated it stands every year in Trafalgar square, close to Nelson’s column. People decorated evergreen trees by bright shining balls and a large shining star.

^ Сценка о ёлочке:

Author: A little fir tree lived in the forest. It had long green needles. It was a little pretty tree, but it was not happy. One day it said

Tree: I do not like needles. My needles are hard. The birds will not nest in them. All the other trees have leaves. I wish I had green leaves.

^ Author: Next day, when the little tree woke up, it had green leaves. It was just like other trees.

Tree: Now I am happy!

Author: But the goats came and ate all the green leaves.

Tree: Oh, I wish I had gold leaves. Goats do not eat gold leaves.

Author: Next day, when the little tree woke up it had gold leaves.

^ Tree: How happy I am!

Author: But a man came, took all the gold leaves and put them into a bag.

Tree: Oh! I wish I had glass leaves. Nobody will want my glass leaves.

Author: Next day, when the little tree woke up it had glass leaves.

^ Tree: How happy I am! Look, my leaves are shining in the sun!

Author: But suddenly a strong wind began to blow, and broke all the glass leaves.

Tree: Oh! I wish I had my needles again. Goats do not eat them. Men do not want them. The wind will not break them.

Author: Next day it had all its needles again.

^ Tree: Oh, I’ve never been so happy!

3й англичанин:

Christmas Day is the most beloved and the most exiting holiday in our country. Preparations start long before the holiday, but on Christmas Eve everything is rush and bustle. Offices and public buildings close at one o’clock, but the shops stay open late.

Trains and buses are crowded with people, traveling from all parts of the country to be at home for Christmas.

4й англичанин:

Our dear Ukrainian friends! We have heard that you celebrate Christmas a little bit later than the English people. Will you be so kind as to tell us about your traditions and customs of celebrating this great fest?

1й украинец:

Yes, of course. Winter in Ukraine is rich in holidays and traditions. For example, on 19 December we celebrate St Nicholas Day. Our children like this holiday very much, because they get presents on that day. These presents they can find late at night under their pillows. On the Eve of this day children try to be very good and obedient, because they wait for presents. New Year’s Day is a happy holiday too. Schoolchildren have parties at their schools with the New Year’s trees in the middle of large halls. They sing and dance and recite poems about the beauty of winter, the New Year’s tree and sing carols.

2й украинец:

Christmas in our country is celebrated on the 7, 8 and 9 January. It is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who was born to save people from their sins. On 6 January we have Christmas Supper or Holy Supper. According to the custom all members of the family should be at home that night for a family reunion. The supper at Holy Night differs greatly from other evening meals: it has 12 dishes symbolizing 12 apostles who gathered with Jesus Christ at his last supper.

3й украинец:

Holly Supper begins with a prayer. The first dish is kutia. It symbolizes a spiritual unity of all living and deceased members of the family. The head of the family raises the first spoonful of kutia and greets his family with traditional Christmas greeting “Christ is born!” to which the reply is “Let’s glorify him!” Everyone must partake of kutia and other dishes.

4й украинец:

After Christmas supper the members of the family sing Christmas carols. Young people and children take part in vertep (Nativity Play). Carol singers go from one house to another, singing carols. It is a time of rejoicing. The streets are full of people and children. Everybody joins in singing carols. It is an exciting time with its numerous customs. It is the most colourful holiday of the year.

Our dear British friends! Merry Christmas from Ukrainians! We are happy to see you at our party! And now listen to our national carols.

^ Рассказывают колядку:

Різдвяна зірка на небо вийде,

Малий Ісусик до дітей прийде.

Милий Ісусик, Божа Дитинка,

Буде Святвечір, буде ялинка.

Буде колядка в кожній хатині,

Настане втіха на Україні.

Різдвяна зірка,

Як перша зіронька, засвітить,

І всі колядувати.

Яка це втіха, любі діти,

Що годі навіть описати.

В кутку дідух стоїть вусатий,

А на столі стоїть ялинка,

І аж здається, що до хати

Зійшов з небес Ісус-Дитинка…

Колядка тут і там колядка,

Горить, мов зірка, в хаті свічка,

І тихим раєм стає хатка,

І ясним днем-різдвяна нічка.

^ Поются колядки (см. приложение)

5й англичанин:

The British also sing Christmas carols – special religious songs telling the story of birth and life of Jesus Christ. Sometimes groups of people walk about the streets and sing carols. People like to sing carols at home. Children and some adults enjoy carol-singing from door to door. One of the well-known carols is “Jingle Bells”

Фея: I heard the bells on Christmas Day

Their old familiar carols play

And mild and sweet

The words repeat

Of peace on earth, good will to men.

Why do the bells of Christmas ring?

Why do little children sing?

Once a lovely shining star

Seen by shepherds from a far

Gently moved until its light

Made a manger’s cradle bright.

There a darling baby lay

Pillowed soft upon the hay

And its mother sang and smiled

“This is Christ, the Holy Child.”

Therefore bells for Christmas ring,

Therefore little children sing.

^ Исполнение песни Jingle bells.

4й англичанин:

Long before Christmas time a lot of people buy Christmas presents. It is a time to give and receive presents. Children are looking forward to getting something very special. In the evening of the 24th of December they hang their Christmas stocking on their beds or put them under the tree. Christmas stocking is not, of course a real one, but much bigger and very beautifully decorated.

Many children all over the world believe that it is Santa Claus who puts the presents into them. Santa Claus, a legendary gift-bringer comes from the Far North in a sleigh drawn by reindeer. He usually wears a long white beard and is dressed in a red coat and a red cap with white furs. His face is very kind and eyes are glittering with joy. He comes in the middle of the night through the chimney and he is always unseen and unheard.


Children all over the world are looking forward to that happy day when stockings are filled with presents. Sometimes they are honoured to see Santa Claus and dance, sing and play games with him.

But what do you dream about? What presents do you want to receive?

Выходит в зал, спрашивает студентов.

Исполнение песни “Dream”


Light a Christmas candle, (зажигают свечи на столах)

Enjoy its warmth and flame;

Today is born the Prince of light,

To a darkened world He came.

Light a Christmas candle,

Sharing its warmth and flame

With those possessing less of love,

As the supreme gift He came.

Фея исполняет песню “Christmas”. После песни все выходят на сцену и зажигают бенгальские огни.


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